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Founder of CHABEE OUTFITTERS and the Waxed Canvas Diaper Bag

The Story

Our story starts with me, Jesse. I decided to stay at home to parent four years ago when my first daughter was born. Now I have three in my brood, and they and my wife still fill me up with more love than I deserve. This company was started to validate and celebrate the decision to be an involved dad. I believe there is nothing better for your kids or your soul than to be an involved father or father figure. Like all that is good, it is also difficult in many ways. It is my intention that seeing products made just for you will--in some small way--add validation and evidence that the world respects and appreciates your decision.  I hope it also connects you to other men who value the important role of “dad.”

The Name

Chabee is a mash up of the words “change” and “be”. The name was formed to encompass the beautiful Gandhi quote "Be the change you want to see in the world." While many attach this quote to grand changes in the world, we at Chabee are obsessed with how it applies to the intimate details of life. Our greatest goal is to create a company we would want to do business with. We carry this concept in our name because we want to carry it with us in all our business relationships and decisions.

Contact Us

Chabee Outfitters

Po Box 191

Menomonie, WI 54751

(507) 261 - 0239

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